Perfectly portioned to give you a taste of what we do best.

  • $17.00
    Taylor Sampler

    Four oysters, four fried shrimp, four fish nuggets and four boneless buffalo wings

  • $15.00
    Deep Fried Oysters

    Fried OystersDeep fried Oysters hand-battered with our house blend batter that leaves a buttery crunch on the outside and juicy tender oysters on the inside.

  • $15.00
    Dozen Shrimp

    Taylor Grocery dozen Shrimp appetizerThis isn't shrimp cocktail... These delicious large shrimp are almost enough as a meal.  Great for sharing.  Fried or Grilled Shrimp... either way you like them they are sure or tickle your taste-buds. Lightly dusted with our famous Taylor Grocery All-Purpose Seasoning to bring out the flavor.  When fried they are battered with our house-made, light and flaky batter that holds in the flavor yet doesn't overpower the shrimp. Grab a bottle of our famous All-Purpose Seasoning in the store or online.

  • $5.00
    Chicken and Shrimp Gumbo

    Taylor Grocery GumboBowl Full of Sarah Margaret's Chicken and Shrimp Gumbo.  Perfect blend of savory and spicy to please any pallet.  We don't skimp so you're getting a bowl full of this amazing gumbo.

  • $5.00
    Red Beans and Rice

    red beans and rice at taylor grocery restaurantGet a bowl full of red beans and rice tonight.  Good ole southern comfort food right here in Taylor, MS.

  • $9.00
    Rotel Cheese Fries

    rotel cheese friesHuge plate of fresh, crispy french fries smothered in hot Rotel dip.  These Rotel Cheese Fries are perfect before the meal or as an add on to any meal. If you love cheese and you love french fries, this is a combination made in heaven.  So much Rotel you'll get that cheesy goodness on every fry.

  • $9.00
    Boneless Buffalo Wings

    DSCN0113Our spicy boneless buffalo wings are like none you've ever tasted.  Huge fresh chunks of white chicken breast meat marinated in spicy buffalo sauce breaded and fried to crispy perfection.  It'll spark your taste buds and cause a happy dance in your mouth.

  • $9.00
    Sausage and Cheese Plate

    sausage and cheese plate appetizerSmoked sausage and cheese plate is a great centerpiece when sitting down with family or friends.  Great smoked flavor with our famous BBQ sauce for dipping.  Enjoy smoked sausage and sharp cheddar cheese; top it off with a jalapeño 'cause you know we got plenty of sweet iced tea to cool you off.


We may only have one salad but you can have it five different ways.  You won’t walk away hungry with Bee’s Chef Salad.

  • $10.00
    Bee's Chef Salad

    Bee's Chef Salad with Fried Chicken StripsBee's Chef Salad, loaded with the fresh vegetables and delicious toppings can be dressed with our homemade Comeback sauce or favorites such as Ranch or Honey Mustard.  A bed of lettuce topped with tomatoes, bacon, cheese, Jalapeños, onion and a hard boiled egg... with your choice of Chicken tenders, Shrimp, Steak or Pork.

* All Entrees are served with two sides unless otherwise specified on the menu.


With more than 30 years experience in our kitchen, our steaks are grilled just the way you like them.  Click here to get an idea of steak temperatures.

  • $27.00
    The Filet

    filetAn 8 ounce filet Mignon, bacon-wrapped, Buckhead USDA Choice filet, the most tender steak money can buy, grilled to your liking. When ordering remember cooking temperatures and that filets are thick.  If you'd like it well done, please consider asking for it to be butterflied.  We want you to enjoy so we'll cook it any way you like.  

  • $30.00
    The Ribeye 16 ounce

    Grilled 12 ounce ribeye at taylor groceryA hand cut, perfectly aged, USDA Choice Angus ribeye grilled to your liking with your choice of two sides  

  • $26.00
    The Ribeye 12 ounce

    A hand cut, perfectly aged, USDA Choice Angus ribeye grilled to your liking.


If pictures can’t say it, then maybe this video of the our Grilled Boneless Pork Loin will get your attention.  Listen to the sweet sound of that juicy, tender loin sizzle… you can almost smell the flavors bouncing off the skillet.

  • $16.00
    Cajun Pork Chops

    Cajun PorkCajun Pork Chops, a twist on an old favorite.  Grilled to perfection, these two grilled pork loin cutlets are served over brown rice and topped with delicious gumbo.

  • $13.00
    Country Fried Pork

    country fried pork loin from Taylor Grocery RestaurantA tenderized country-fried pork loin chop, hand breaded, deep-fried to a perfect crisp while maintaining that juicy, tender center and topped with country style white gravy.  

  • $13.00
    Grilled Boneless Pork Loin

    grilled boneless pork loin at Taylor GroceryA thick, center cut 8 ounce pork loin chop, grilled to perfection.  


Fresh large shrimp and oysters cooked just the way you love them.  Have your choice of fried or grilled in just the right portion sizes to fit your appetite.

  • $18.00
    Dozen Oyster Plate

    Deep fried to perfection

  • $13.00
    Half Dozen Oyster Plate

    Deep fried to perfection

  • $18.00
    Dozen Shrimp Plate

    Either fried or grilled

  • $13.00
    Half Dozen Shrimp Plate

    half dozen shrimp plateSmall appetite?  Our half dozen shrimp plate offers huge flavor in a small portion.  Grilled or fried just the way you like them with your choice of two sides.  Sprinkled with a little Taylor Grocery seasoning, and it's the perfect light meal.


Fresh chicken breasts–grilled, blackened or fried.

  • $7.00
    Small Chicken Tender Plate

    3 of our famous, deep-fried Chicken Tenders with one side.

  • $12.00
    Large Chicken Tender Plate

    chicken stripsFive of our famous, deep fried Chicken Tenders. This large chicken tender plate is plenty for one big appetite or two small ones. You'll love the light crispy batter, juicy tender chicken breast and the plate full of yummies that come with it.  Served with hushpuppies and your choice of two sides.

  • $12.00
    Grilled Chicken

    taylor grocery grilled chickenA 6 ounce grilled chicken breast, seasoned with our Taylor Grocery All- Purpose Seasoning or Taylor Grocery Signature BBQ Sauce.  Love the flavor?  Check out our all-purpose seasoning in the store or online and get some for your kitchen today.

  • $12.00
    Mississippi Blackened Chicken

    a 6 ounce whole boneless chicken breast, blackened in a cast-iron skillet


“The catfish is a plenty good enough fish for anybody.” – Mark Twain

Whole, fillets–blackened or grilled… we do Catfish like no one else.  Add a piece a la carte or grab all-you-can-eat.  Our signature dish will keep you coming back for more.

  • $17.00
    Nicky's Plate

    Nicky's PlateNicky's Plate is a sampling of Uncle Nicky's favorites.  Two pieces of fish, four boneless buffalo chicken wings, and three shrimp served with two sides and hushpuppies. Uncle Nicky knows what's good at Taylor Grocery Restaurant so he took the time to create a plate specifically for those that have a hard time choosing.

  • $22.00
    Whole Catfish Plate

    whole catfish plateTwo hand scored, breaded and deep-fried Whole Catfish with two sides and hushpuppies. It's our best made even better.  The light, crispy corn meal breading will compliment the tender Mississippi catfish.

  • $13.00
    Full Catfish Fillet Plate

    large catfish platterWhat Taylor Grocery is famous for: Catfish Fillets. Lightly breaded with a perfectly portioned blend of corn and wheat flour, the fillets have the perfect outer crunch with hot, tender catfish fillet inside that melts in your mouth.  Served with your choice of two sides and hushpuppies.

  • $9.00
    Small Fillet Plate

    Taylor Grocery Restaurant famous Catfish dinnerTwo hand breaded, deep-fried catfish fillets with two sides and hushpuppies.

  • $13.00
    Grilled Catfish

    grilled catfishGrilled Catfish fillet.  Perfect for catfish lovers that want that famous Taylor Grocery Catfish without the breading.  Grilled to perfection and seasoned with our Taylor Grocery All-Purpose Seasoning or Taylor Grocery Signature BBQ rub to bring out the flavor.

  • $13.00
    Mississippi Blackened Catfish

    blackened catfishTwo spicy, cast-iron blackened Mississippi catfish fillets with two sides and hushpuppies.  Blackened in a well-seasoned cast-iron skillet.  These delicious Mississippi catfish will tantalize all your tastebuds.  A unique flavor you won't find anywhere else in Mississippi.


If we make it, you can add it to your plate!

  • $8.00
    Half Dozen Oysters

    deep fried oyster appetizerYou'll love this half dozen oyster add-on.  Lightly hand-breaded fresh tender oysters.  Dip it or don't!

  • $5.00
    Grilled Catfish Fillet

    Add a fresh, grilled catfish fillet to any dish.  This flavorful catfish, grilled with Taylor Grocery All-Purpose Seasoning or the Taylor Grocery BBQ Rub is flaky, tender and delicious.

  • $3.00
    Catfish Fillet

    What Taylor Grocery is famous for: Catfish Fillets. These fillets--lightly breaded with a perfectly portioned blend of corn and wheat flour--have the perfect outer crunch with hot, tender catfish fillet inside that melts in your mouth.  Taylor Grocery Restaurant famous Catfish dinner

  • $8.00
    Half Dozen Shrimp

    fried shrimpAdd a half dozen shrimp to any dish; fried or grilled. Big, juicy shrimp that pop when you bite into them coated with our own light, flaky breading made with our very own seasonings. You're gonna have to guard your plate though, shrimp theft is not covered.

  • $5.00
    Blackened Catfish Fillet

    Taylor Grocery Blackened Catfish FilletFresh Blackened Catfish fillets blackened in a seasoned cast-iron skillet, gently coated with blackened seasonings and cooked till it has a perfectly seared outer crust leaving it flaky, tender and juicy on the inside.

  • $6.00
    Whole Fish

    Taylor Grocery Whole deep fried catfishAdd a piece or two of perfectly deep-fried whole Mississippi catfish to any entree or just by itself.


Love our sides…add another one.

  • Add $2.00
    Extra Side

    Side of deep fried okraAdd as many of our sides as you'd like to your plate.

  • Add $2.00
    Loaded Baked Potato

    Baked potato with jalapeñoLoaded with bacon, cheese, jalapeños and onion

  • Add $1.00
    Rotel Fries

    rotel cheese friesFrench Fries smothered in rotel sauce

  • Sides

    Cole Slaw, Potato Salad, Fried Okra, Green Beans, Hushpuppies, Baked Beans, French Fries, Turnip Greens, "Big Deb's" World Famous Brown Rice House Salad Homemade Ranch, Vidalia Onion, Thousand Island, Blue Cheese, Hot Honey Mustard, Italian, Taylor Comeback Sauce


All our desserts are made in house with our very own recipes.  Served warm with our without vanilla ice-cream.

There is a $1 charge per person for any outside dessert brought in…

  • $2.00
    Ice Cream

    Vanilla or Chocolate.... in a cone or dish

  • $5.00
    Rah's Pecan Pie

    homemade taylor grocery pecan pieRich, sweet, salty, nutty Rah's Pecan Pie.  Warm with a scoop of ice cream is the only way to eat it.

  • $5.00
    Deb's Chocolate Cobbler

    Deb's famous chocolate cobblerOohy gooey chocolate goodness.  Deb's famous Chocolate Cobbler is the most melt in your mouth, rich and delicious dessert you'll ever have.  Crispy top crust filled with homemade chocolate filling. Top it with smooth, velvety vanilla ice-cream or savor it by itself. Click the image to enlarge; you'll fall in love!

  • $5.00
    Miss Minnie's Peach Cobbler

    peach cobbler with vanilla ice-cream We offer our Miss Minnie's Peach Cobbler without rich,creamy vanilla ice cream, but would you dare order it without?  Not that this warm, rich, sweet and delicious homemade cobbler can't stand on its own.  But it's so good together.  


Sorry… no juices!

  • $1.00


  • $1.50

  • $1.50
    Southern Sweet Tea

    So good it'll make you slap your mama... not really but man is it good. Unsweet also available.